Really, REALLY DBD – Illness strikes! Beware of the SICKO!


Well, I’m sick (like really, really) so I skipped work and am now going to have to cancel plans to see Ratatouille today. I can’t really come up with a great excuse for my lack of posts (there are other sites and things I’m neglecting as well) but what I can say is this: working with infants is alot more work than it seems. >_>;; This week I started as a teacher’s assistant at an infant daycare and less than three days since I started, I get sick. So here I am…not doing anything.

Ha, well aside from the release of Ratatouille here in the good ol’ US of A, there is the new documentary out by Michael Moore–titled, Sicko.  While Fahrenheit 9/11 was all right, it was a little too biased (in my opinion) for what is supposed to be a documentary.  I’ve never seen Bowling for Columbine, but I suspect it was the same.  Sicko is sure to make people squabble over it, but that’s what Michael Moore feeds on—controversy. (no pun intended)


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