‘Eikasia’ definition and Chapter 2.3 preview

On the main site, some of you may have clicked on the ‘What is eikasia’ link at the top menu. This led to a poor definition of it in wikipedia, an unreliable source, but it was the only place that seemed to even come close to explaining it in simple terms. There are other sites and books out there that explain in greater detail the entire concept in very long texts that are ripe with academic jargon…but I find that to be irritating bullshit that prevents many from understanding what is otherwise very common in life around us. It was by chance that I found this website that not only breaks down ‘eikasia’, but the other types of human knowledge that Plato discussed as well. The best part I enjoyed about this article was how it used America’s actions after 9/11 to illustrate the definitions. Regardless of the article’s purpose, it manages to explain eikasia in a very concise and easy to understand way. That is why I chose to replace it with the wikipedia article.

I offer the definition of eikasia not because I don’t think I can explain it well in the story–if I couldn’t do that much, then I shouldn’t even bother with the idea. I offer the definition because not everyone has taken a philosophy class and not everyone is familiar with Plato. I myself came across some of his ideas just by chance, really, so I’m no scholar. But by giving some the chance to understand the root of some of my thinking, I think they’ll be better able to appreciate what I’ll do with the story. That’s the only reason I’m doing this.

Now if you’re curious about the story’s next installment, it’s about eight pages long but still not finished. I’ve got a concept sketch of Nyx to add to it–I did one of Elmiryn too, but to put it plainly, it stinks on ice. This isn’t much either but here’s a quick graphic I did for fun while making new banners to advertise with. Guess who this is? ^_^

Here’s a half-page preview of the next installment. Remember, since I’m posting this two days before the actual update, it is subject to change:

“What are your plans in Dame?” I asked Elmiryn as I pulled absently at the straps of my bag.

She glanced at me and smirked. “To ask some questions. Get information about the territory and what is going on here. I heard elsewhere that Meznik’s trail led this way. I’m certain he’s all ready done something to cause trouble. That’s what I’m expecting to learn about.”

“Will it take us closer to him?”

“Hopefully. I’m working against him, so anything of his I can undo is something in my favor, but what I’m really seeking is a way to get to Meznik himself. He’s an astral demon and exists on a different level than you or I. That means that taking a sword to him is about as effective as trying to cut shadows.”

I swiped absently at a daisy on the ground. “What sort of things did you do before you met me? What made Meznik curse you?”

“Oh…those are long stories. Complicated too. I get impatient telling them.”

“Can you tell me one thing, at least? If my job is to help you remember who you are and what you stand for, then maybe I should get an idea of the woman you were before Meznik?”

Elmiryn smiled, but the curl of her lip seemed a hair’s breath away from a snarl. “I was a fool.” she said, and the conversation ended there.


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