Ghoulish Guilt.

I’m such a cheesy bastard.

New chapter is up.  Posting early due to guilt.  I feel like I keep bringing up the possibility of more than one update a week, but never deliver.  I don’t like teasing, so I posted up what I had.  Put simply, that’s about as good as it gets unless someone tells me different.

Some of you curious birdies, I’m sure, have seen that a few folks have been kind enough to leave me some good critiques on the site.  I took those suggestions and used them to help make the previous chapters better.  If anybody likes Eikasia, but feels the need to bring something up, I’ll definitely hear you out.  This work is just one big exercise in writing.  I don’t look at it as a “once posted it’s a done deal” kind of thing.  I’ll go back and edit as I see fit.

I’m also posting early as tomorrow I’ll be gone all day for a trip with my friends.

♫♫ Happy Halloween!  ♫♫


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