New possibilities, same obstacles.

Being an American citizen feels good now.  In fact it feels amazing.  My international readers will have to forgive me–sometimes I forget that anyone outside of my bubble of a universe bothers with anything I do.  I’ve been feeling incredibly motivated lately–but not really for writing.  The effort of creativity comes easier in spurts.  I should probably ease off with the roleplaying on forums.  It doesn’t help that I signed up for NaNoWriMo too (hoo boy.)  So as of this moment?  There isn’t much of the new chapter.  I’m thinking lots of coffee and loud music for tonight.

The odd thing is that I actually DO wish to write.  I KNOW what I want to write.  But I just…can’t.  When I get going I either get tired, distracted, or find myself stunted by the need to fact check.  I love writing I do.  I just hate having to fact check.

I will write this next part, damn it.  I can’t promise it’ll be by tomorrow morning, though.  I’m hesitant to say I’ll even have something by tomorrow.

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