Jes’ checking in.

I’m working on a few sidebars for Eikasia that I think some might find interesting. I don’t know when I’ll post them, but hopefully I’ll be done with them soon enough.

I plan on doing some heavy editing for Eikasia. Chapters 1.1 and 1.2 are all ready in their second drafts, but I’m still going to be doing another pass to try and eliminate the crappiness. Chapter 5.1 is probably the one I’m most eager to get to, because I feel the overall quality of it is low and I probably could’ve described the scenes in a better and more plausible way. But despite my eagerness to re-work it, I’m going to hold off until I can revise the earlier chapters–after all, I need a good base before I can hope to work at the top.

I did a review last week on Chris Tejeda’s “Lifting of the Veil”, which is a very interesting science fiction web serial that I think you folks should check out.

I’ve also started doing the next installment for Eikasia. However, if I’m actually productive this week, it may be tossed out in favor of something better.

Recently watched “The Mindscape of Alan Moore”…which really told me a lot about the man, and tore down my earlier belief that he was just an egotistical creep. In fact, a lot of the things I’ve thought about when writing, or dreaming, or while staring blithely at my ceiling at 2 in the morning, he echoed, in a fascinating and evocative narrative detailing his career and his beliefs on politics, science, sex, and religion. It was eerie. I won’t say that everything that came out of his mouth was gold–but I was surprised at how much I did agree with him on things. I recommend it to anyone who has read any of his work, or who appreciates an alternative view on things, or who simply reads comic books. It really is worth a look.

Gonna sign off here…Some part of me wants to vent recent personal frustrations in this entry–they are “personal” but they’ve affected my work on Eikasia, so I guess it’s partly relevant. But I’m not sure what good it will do but make me seem attention-seeking and like any other silly bitch under the esteemed banner of “Generation Y”.

Ah well. This really isn’t a personal blog anyways. Who the heck reads my non-personal stuff to begin with? (oh whoops, I’m fulfilling the stereotype again, ha ha)

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