Merry X-Mas!!

…And a happy new year!

Chapter 5.2 is finally posted–despite writer’s block, Christmas preparations, and illness!

Did a major change in post order for the website, so that old posts are now displayed first.  This fixes the problem with the archives, where new posts were listed first, making it difficult to read chapters despite having them all on the same page.  Now you can just go from top to bottom, no prob.  I was trying to find a solution through editing the site template, but I’m not saavy to that sort of thing so I just decided to do this instead.  It means more work for me whenever I post a new installment, but if it helps with site readability, then I think it is worth it.  Readers can skip having to click on the “read the latest chapter link” every time they come to the site by just signing up to the feed, which links directly to the new post.  It’ll save you a few seconds, which on the internet, can mean everything for some people.

Happy holidays everyone!


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