Digging Up Turnips

Sxip Shirey’s website, for curious birdies.  The above song can be downloaded for free there.

Hey there folks.  Just pipping in to let you know I’m still at it.  I’m hoping some of you have read my post on shapechanging which I posted only a few days ago.  I’m also here to bring you a chapter preview, as I doubt my ability to finish by tonight.  Today was a busy day for me–in a nice way mind you, but still busy.  I won’t bother with much excuses for being unable to update early Friday.  My addiction to Team Fortress 2 seems to have come back full swing, and I still have yet to even touch some of the other new computer games I recently bought so…well, I’m just a geeky mess.  Ha, ha.

Anyhoo, here’s your chapter preview.  If you’re wondering about the above song’s purpose, know that I’ve imagined the next installment’s events, scene by scene, insync with that song.  …I have an overactive imagination.

Elmiryn worked the Earth with blistered hands–like she was certain her ancestors did before they took to tools of a different kind. She knew the sun. She felt it like wings seared onto her back. Nevermind that she worked in the nude. The breeze felt nice on her flushed skin. A cool comfort in her tiring search…

…For turnips.

A curious impetus, but a dire one nevertheless. Dire why? Elmiryn couldn’t remember. Maybe because they were the ones who first put the word ‘impetus’ into her brain. She had to ask them what it meant.

Her rake was fashioned from iron and oak wood. Splinters. Biting, aggravating. They bothered her. She paused her activitiy to try and fish one out from the fleshy bend of her left thumb. “Stings like a mother,” she grumbled as she squinted at the tiny dark shaft she could see just beneath the layer of her skin. It scratched at her nerves. “Curs-ed lil’ shit.”

As usual, the above is subject to succumb to my editorial whims.  Till next time, folks.


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