Wow, okay…so I figure I should do a post just to let folks know that this story is NOT dead.  I’ve been working on the next installment all this time (or not working…more like staring blithely at my screen, typing three words, then stopping.)  I know what I want to happen.  But the difficulty comes in writing it appropriately.

My preview from last week has been scrapped.  Or will probably be scrapped as this next angle I’m trying doesn’t seem like it could include it.  I could probably tailor it to use it further down the line, but that scene was getting too weird and off track.

The real issue is that I’ll be leaving for two weeks on the 28th, so all of this time gone has really flattened my morale so to speak.  I wanted to atleast have these updates up before I left.  Instead, I’m down two and looking at losing a third one.

I won’t bother much with excuses.  At first turn they all seem so legitimate (or not, depending on your opinion) but as time goes and the same old things keep popping up, it starts to sound like crap, even to me.  Probably the big issue I have is with discipline–being able to MAKE myself write something, even if its crap, to be able to turn in on a given time.  I think that was part of my reason to start this web novel.  I wanted to learn to meet deadlines.  It was going smoothly until recently, when new joys (and by that token, new woes) entered my life, dividing my energies so much that I could barely make even weekly updates.

And to think, I considered doing three updates a week!!

I’m trying to take better care of myself, both physically and mentally.  I think a lack of short-term goals and set daily tasks (i.e. a fucking job) has made me into this stagnant loser who can’t tell ass from elbow.

I’m going to keep trying to make the weekly updates, and I apologize to you all for taking so long.  Please keep checking back.  I promise things will get going soon!


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