So, I FINALLY updated the story, after much creative agony. I hemmed and hawed over whether I should update now or later–but I reasoned that the following days will be far too busy for me to edit. If I wanted the story edited, it had to get up to a certain point where I could call it passable. If it couldn’t get to that point before I left on the 28th for my two week trip (remember I mentioned that in my last post?) then there was no point delaying. Especially not if, in the time before I leave, I could toy around with the possibility of one last update–however short it may be.

So Chapter 6.1 is up. In my vacation, I think I’ll (finally) try and get around to editing my work. It could also be a good time to outline the next story arc…that is, if my relatives let me. If I ever manage to clean up Eikasia, know that 6.1 will be cleaned up and improved with it.

Till next time folks.


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