Heavy Editing and Planning to Come

So Eikasia – Chapter 6.2 is now live.  I hope you guys like it.  From this point on, adventures will be grouped into parts.  Part 1 is called, “Tributaries.”  There’s an installment or two before it’s completely through, but I’m going to take this opportunity to get something important done.

What follows next is heavy, heavy, HEAVY editing.  It’s long overdue, and I need to weed out those bad moments of characterization, the typos and grammatical errors, the fluff and the emaciated portions.  Simultaneously, I’ll be doing outlining and notes for the next adventure, “Hawks, Cats, and Dogs,” which I’m thinking will span atleast ten chapters.  There’s going to be some new characters, and some light will be shed on who Tobias is.  Plus we’ll be seeing a bit more of that “romance” I claimed Eikasia had.  I’m hoping good planning will eliminate the need for much backtracking, but you never know.  Outlines are nice, but so far I’ve found the temptation to deviate is powerful indeed.

Till next time!


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