The trouble with trouble is…

…it’s sneaky.

I guess by now my assertions regarding updates should be taken with a grain of salt.  Especially when family is involved…

Friday started out well enough, until it degenerated into disagreements over money and religion.  Oddly enough, plans to go to Hearst Castle were born from the mess, so that accounts for Saturday and today.  I couldn’t very well protest being away from my computer two days as I was the one who brought up the idea for the overnight trip to begin with–but you’ve got to keep in mind, I made the suggestion believing there would be an update Friday.  Drama ensured this wouldn’t be the case, so…here we are.

I’d offer the usual chapter preview, but the chapter is very shaky.  I just recently got back home and have homework to do for this week–so tonight I think I’m going to focus on taking care of work and just rest for the night.  Tomorrow, with a lessened workload and a fresher mind, I will resume writing the chapter–likely for an update before Friday, since this is the last installment for “Tributaries”.

Till then, thanks for your patience!


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