Ear Smash, Mind Crash

EDIT: Took out the embedded playlist because it kept auto-playing even though it wasn’t supposed to. (argh)  If you’re a curious birdie, you can see what I’m blabbing about in the link below.

Ear Smash, Mind Crash

If you followed my tweets, you would know that I was rifling through my back issues of Spin (a music magazine) and managed to come up with a pretty long list of new songs to listen to (considering I only looked through 2 of 9 magazine issues). I hope you guys don’t think it too obnoxious of me that I want to share my findings. I really adore music–I’m not a musician or anything, and my interest is purely emotional and philosophical as I know nothing of the finer points of being an audiophile. Still, I have this habit of making special playlists, or wannabe albums and compilations. I did it for Eikasia and for my other creative projects, even.

So if you’re new to the site, you’ll likely hear me blab about music quite a bit.

The above playlist is just a compilation, but it’ll likely be cannabalized to make a more focused list of songs. It’s funny, recently I’ve been listening to a lot of heavy metal and alternative rock on my iPod, lots of easy listening on my iTunes, and now there’s this imeem list of hodge podge muzak. Geez, no wonder my narrative voice never sits still in my writing.

Oh but did you think I was going to leave you without any news about Chapter 8.3? Well, it’s coming along gradually. It’s at 2,866 words. Here’s a  sampling of it:

We had returned to the wilderness, where insects made music beneath the bracken fern, and a nighthawk’s glowing eyes blinked at me from the high branches of an old whitebeam tree. I was given a moment, finally apart from my revulsion, to appreciate this beauty. I hadn’t realized how much Gamath had bothered me until I smelled the fresh soil and flowering fauna–heard the rustle of leaves and the shift of grass. For more than a year, the wilderness had been my home. No civilized place would have me.

“…And now,” I couldn’t help but think, “Not even the wild will have me.”

“Feels better doesn’t it?” Elmiryn asked in a low voice. She lead me through the forest with careful steps, and spared me a glance to see if she could find a hint of me in the growing shadows.

Remember, it’s subject to change and all that.

Ah…see how unfocused and silly my posts are when I’m half-awake? Why can’t all my posts be as focused as my “books books books” post? (atleast before it unraveled near the end?)

Here’s my music recommendations if you don’t feel like going through the whole playlist:  all of St. Vincent, all of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal”, and if you like unconventional hip-hop, check out Elzhi’s “Guessing Game”, and K’naan’s “ABC’s”.

All right, that’s all I have right now.  Brain shuts off…


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