And now for intermission.

I shouldn’t be excited that I actually managed to update on time…

But I’m excited that I actually managed to update on time!

(nevermind that it’s just intermission)

This week’s update comes straight from the pages of Tobias’ book. If you’ve already read it, you know that it is the story Nyx tells Elmiryn at the end of Part 1–the tale of the Spider of the West. It’s one of the few stories in Tobias’ book that is written from the perspective of Earth. Actually, it is the last story to be found out of a total of five. Nyx hasn’t finished the book, but she’s read all the tales. The rest of the book comprises of poems and musings. (Nyx skipped these. Not that she disliked them, but because she found the stories to be a little more cathartic.) Later on, you’ll get to hear her opinions on the stories in-canon, as Elmiryn has started to take an interest.

I found writing this story to be incredibly easy. Perhaps because there was no prior set-up to answer to, I had a lot of creative freedom. The other part of it may very well be my familiarity with the characters. Though still unknown in Eikasia, these characters have been with me for years, and I’m delighted that they finally have a proper story to call home. I look forward to writing them more in the future, and I hope all of you enjoy them as much as I do.

“The Wind and the Web” will continue for one more update. Then…well, I’ll see what I’ll do. I adore the idea of doing an abstract piece, but still have yet to come up with something good enough. Next week I return to work, and the week after that fall semester classes start up, so whatever I come up with will likely be very simple.

Currently, I’m distracted by a great backlog of movies that demand my viewing, as well as a brand new video game–Fable 2. I can see why the latter has good reviews, but again, I feel Lionhead will come just short of what I was hoping for in this new game. I haven’t progressed far. I’ve got a female character, and I’m tempted to make her like Elmiryn. I’m popular with the ladies, anyway.

That’s it for now! I hope you guys enjoy this little intermission. It may just end after “The Wind and the Web” if I feel I can start Part 2 without any trouble.


Ha ha, sorry, I’m such a stinker. Here’s the real link: really! (wakka wakka wakka)


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