Children are the masters of dreams.

They strike up fantasies from muddy sticks and an ant hill, from lazily floating bubbles, and gnarled trees.  They do not wait for your troubles to be dealt with, nor do they prioritize the world as you do.  As a group, they are like running water, always with you, yet always moving ahead.  Alone, they are curious kittens–batting at your heels, fussing over details you might not have noticed in your busy adult life.  And all the while, they dream.

My job as an afterschool program leader started last week, as some of you may know, and I think it’s had an effect on me.  On the one hand, I feel older–like someone jaded by time.  My “adult” concerns are off-set by the simplicity of the children.  People say that kids don’t know what they want.  This isn’t true.  They DO know what they want, but their interest is sometimes short-lived and their expectations undermined by reality.  Their desires are innocent, even when they’re being mischievous, because they don’t get the extent of their actions.  Faced with their drive to have recess, or their motivation for a lollipop, I become filled with envy.  They are absolutely sure that all they want out of life is to have fun.  There are times when I haven’t the slightest idea what my top priority is.  Probably because I find myself too concerned with the “bigger picture”.

On the other hand, the kids can sometimes make me feel younger.  They’ve uncovered a sense of positiveness and energy that I didn’t think I had anymore.  They make me laugh, and as dumb as it sounds, I feel really glad that they turn to me for help before everyone else.  I mean, I know I’m their program leader, but it feels like such a switch:  from a person who wasn’t certain if she could handle kids, and who was regarded as immature and ineffectual by her elders, to that position of trust and authority.  Even now, I scratch my head at it.

Everyday I face challenges at work.  Those kids (hoo boy) they keep me on my toes!  But I think, in this short span of time, I’ve already learned something from them.  Dream, dream, dream.  And take things one day at a time.  It’s helped me a lot, and my overall mood and energy has improved.  In the Wind and the Web, some of you may take note of how my epiphanies have further influenced themes in my writing.

This week was the first week of Fall Semester classes at my community college, too.  I’m taking two classes–World Religions and Introductory Algebra.  So far, work and school have not served as a problem, but this week I didn’t get any homework.  Next week will be the real test.

So today I managed a MASSIVE amount of writing, which is good. (3,339 words so far!)  This last intermission is largely finished–just needs to be polished.  Next week, we return to the main story, and begin Part 2…of which I still have not come up with a name for.  (Ack!)

To innocence!  To dreams!



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