Hopes and Plans.

Hello all.

At the risk of jinxing it, I think this is the most consistent I’ve ever been with updates.  I’ve been making a real push to stay focused.  It seems almost backwards–before, when I had no job and was not enrolled in college, I just sat around and couldn’t write.  Now, when it seems I’m busier than ever, I’m making it.  It’s insane.

Of course that doesn’t speak for the quality of my writing, but let’s not get into that.

So if you haven’t already, please check out Chapter 9.2!

You guys might be surprised at the length of it.  (4000+ words?  Really?) But there’s a reason for it.  You see, this coming Wednesday is September 9th.  Translation?  9.09.09! So I wanted to do a special update that day, and finish Chapter 9.  It’s going to be an incredible Wednesday (a nice vacation from my usual Wednesdays, which equal complete and utter madness).  Not only is that day practically destined to be magically charged, I’m going to Oakland to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in concert, and I’ll possibly make a bid to see the new film “9” which also comes out.  Awesome, right?  But I figured I needed to share the wealth of my joy–thus the special update.  I’ve already started Chapter 9.3, so I should be able to make the deadline, especially since I covered so much in 9.2.

In other news–I have WAY too many work-in-progress’ art for Eikasia.  I swear I’ll get some of it done (and colored) one of these days.

Here’s a preview of one.  Future character sneak peek, yay! (actually, I hate how Nyx looks, but that’s why it’s a WIP I guess)

I’ll leave all of you with this.  Till next time!


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