New tunes, new sites, new chapters.

So if you’ve followed my tweets, you’ll know that Chapter 10.2 is done at 4,369 words.  Tomorrow I post it in the morning after it goes through its final round of editing.  I’m very excited!

And aren’t you guys just awesome?  Eikasia’s facebook page has reached 16 fans! What does that mean?  Bonus update this weekend!  With Chap 10.2 done, I can now focus on writing the bonus chapter.  You guys voted for what you wanted to see, and I answer your call happily.  This bonus chapter will be a moment from Elmiryn’s past, and will be 2000 words minimum.  It’s at a tentative 171 words right now, but this number will jump up fast, believe me.  Want another bonus update next week?  Help Eikasia reach 21 fans next!  I know it can happen!  With time, I think I’ll be able to strike up a functional points system that’ll reward comments, reviews, and trackbacks as well, but for now–show some love.  Bug your friends.  Get them to read and become a fan!

So, just as I did a special playlist for Part 1: Tributaries, I also have done one for Part 2: In Sight, In Mind.  Just thought I’d share it with you all!

The themes are less obvious in this playlist.

A note–it’s out of order and it’s missing two songs:  “Golden and Green” by the Builders and the Butchers, and “Concentrate/The Funk” by Dr. No’s Ethiopium.  FYI, Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition can be downloaded for free here.

In other news, Meilin Miranda (author of the much beloved, “An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom”) launched WebLit.Us this week, which is still in beta stage.  The online writing community is rallying together under the proud term “weblit”.  Just like “webcomics” it refers to literature offered free online, and we hope to let the world know that we are every bit as good as published, mainstream writers.  Wanna show some support?  Be sure to use the #weblit hashtag in Twitter, mention it in chatrooms and forums, and remember to use it when referring to my work and others like it.  I’ve already edited Eikasia’s “New Readers” page to reflect this.

I’m a weblit author, and proud of it!

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3 thoughts on “New tunes, new sites, new chapters.

  1. David says:

    So far, I’m really digging the playlist. Later tonight I want to try and write while listening to it – maybe it’ll work for me, too.

  2. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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