You WIN!

Indeed, it’s true!

So Eikasia’s Facebook page has reached 21 fans, meaning everyone gets another bonus update!  But as not everyone likes Facebook, I wanted to make sure everyone had equal chance to vote, so I’m posting the options here for you all to see.

1) Resume the main story.

2) A moment of Elmiryn’s past.

3) A moment of Nyx’s past.

4) A moment of Hakeem’s past.

5) More of Tobias’ writing.

I’ll need atleast some response by the end of Friday if you guys hope to see anything by Monday at the latest.  Again, it’ll be a minimum of 2000 words.  Think the options this week are crummy?  Message me or sound off in the Facebook discussion for what you’d like to see included in future votes!

So what do you guys think? Should the “every 10 fans = bonus” continue? Or should every added fan contribute to the bonus point pool? (currently at 47!)

And as a side note, Eikasia Chapter 11.1 is at 1615 words.  That number will hopefully spike tomorrow.


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