End of the year madness

The bonus update, “Cold Burns” is now finally available for your reading (dis)pleasure. I fought with this one a lot, notably because of the characters featured in it.  Oddly enough, Argos was the easiest to write of all of them.  Lethia, I fear, still has not quite found that added depth yet–partially because of the situations she’s cast in and the lack of time spent with her.  We haven’t been given an opportunity to see her in a more reflective state.  In hindsight, I regret choosing this particular story to do, because it didn’t afford that opportunity.  Lethia, in truth, isn’t that deep a character.  She has her ideals and sticks with them.  But depth isn’t what I’m struggling with–it’s making her relatable and sympathetic to all of you.

This update came about because Eikasia’s Facebook page reached 31 fans.  I’ve come to decide that updates earned in this manner should be decided only by those who helped make it happen.  In other words, the vote was purely for those fans on Facebook.  But no one voted, so I was left to choose an option myself.  When given the choice, I’ll always opt for fleshing out new characters–so this update (though I wish I chose a better topic–even one without the Moretti brothers) was to be expected.

As some of you may have noticed, the end of the year tends to have a great effect on my writing.  I miss updates, have frequent writer’s blocks, and get impatient with just about everything.  I get sick, I have many important events that I have to go to, end of the semester work to tackle, and I just plain get burned out.  It happened last year too.  I’m also disappointed that I wasn’t able to launch my new weblit, Susie Swordfish, this fall.  It was to be my urban fantasy adventure.  Hopefully I can get that up next year, when I can balance out my work and other RL obligations.

Still, I look forward to hearing some of your reviews next week.  (you guys didn’t forget about my special proposal, did you?)  I had something else on my mind, something which I must think over after the review marathon is over and I give you guys your update.  When I’ve come to a decision about this “something” I’ll post about it here on Ninth Suture…

Till next time, take care!


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