I felt bad that I’ve only been posting art on Facebook, so I decided to spread the lovin’ a bit more…but hey–if you guys wanna see more concept art you should totally become a fan on Facebook!

And yes!  The review marathon is done…so what have you guys earned?  A bonus update at a minimum of 4000 words!  Thank you to those who reviewed.  The bonus poll is closed, and the winner was option #2, “Nyx’s time as a spy for the resistance”.  You guys will recall that in Chapter 9, Nyx mentioned she did some cloak and dagger stuff for an anti-war faction.  The bonus update will be exploring that in detail.  Expect it sometime next week.

So…Did you get what you wanted?


One thought on “Treat.

  1. Bene says:

    Yay. I did get what I wanted. Thank you so much. I thought it was really easy to write a review. I hope it helped get others to read this AMAZING story. Can’t wait for more… I’m excited “Nyx’s time as a spy for the resistance” was chosen. I voted for that too. Yay! Can’t wait. Keep up the great work.

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