New Year’s Bonus Update!

So the bonus point goal of 100 points has been reached–with points to spare! This means you guys get yet another bonus update from me, at a minimum of 2,000 words. The extra points will be rolled over to the next point count, and we’ll start over as soon as a poll can be decided.

As I haven’t finished my LAST bonus update yet, I haven’t come up with a new poll. So for this week, I’ll give you all a chance to send me in your requests for Bonus Update topics. You can post them here, direct message/@reply me on Twitter, e-mail me, or post them on Facebook. I’ll take the best of those requests and put them in a new poll to be displayed in Eikasia’s sidebar. If no one gets back to me in time with suitable topics, I’ll just recycle some of the old choices from previous polls.

You guys can ask for whatever you can think of. Wanna know more about a particular character? How a certain magic discipline works? About a certain region, city, or sentient species? The mythology of Eikasia’s world?

Request a topic, and you can find out! I stop taking requests by Sunday (January 3rd) at midnight!


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