The ability to…

9 Chickweed Lane Cartoon

This was totally my cat! (God rest his soul.)

Aren’t you guys glad the hiatus is over!?  I know I am.

So just a few things:  The March bonus update poll is done, and the winnah is…Elmiryn’s very first trip to Tiesmire! Remember she mentioned once to Nyx that she’d gone there for an escort mission in the past?  …And passed out trying to outdrink an Arktan (a bear person)?  Well this next update will be about that trip and the rest of what happened during her stay there (because of course, there’s always more!)

Also, for Facebook users only, I’ll be opening up a poll on the discussion board for the April bonus update.  Eikasia reached 40 fans on Facebook, so this one is for you guys!  I’ll try and think up some new topics, but don’t kill me if I recycle some old ones!

This month is going to be a little race against time as I try to finish a project before April 1st, because you see, I’m going out of the country for two weeks…so yeah.  Sorry.  That’s another hiatus.  o_o;;  But it’s a short one!  And I promise to try and write something in the meantime.

Lastly…I’m a Mac user now!  I got an iMac 21.5-inch and I’m in love with it.  My Acer laptop bit the dust a month ago, so I was hurting for some tech of my own.  Now I gots it!

Okay folks, that’s all.  Everyone take care of yourselves.

Till next time!


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