Chapter 16.3 and A Serious Goof

So I was writing Chapter 16.3 (now available, btw) and something horrifying came to my attention.

I have a serious plot hole.

Now why am I pointing this out to you all?  Why aren’t I trying to sweep it under a rug?

Because at the pace I’m going, so close to finishing Part 2, with a backlog of bonus updates to do, I can’t really address this issue right away.  For now I have to let it be.

You see, the issue is simple, but important:  Graziano, Hakeem, and Arduino.

Yes!  That’s right.  If you’ve already read 16.3, then you’ll have noticed my sad attempt at mending the serious problem in characterization.  Graziano “forgot” to ask Hakeem what happened to Arduino.  The truth of it was, I forgot to make him remember, which leaves us with a poor explanation for the problem and a stupid resolution.  I’m pointing this out because I fully intend on fixing this once I finish Part 2, never mind that I still need to edit Part 1.  So if you read Part 2 again, or see some reference to a change I’ve made in the story, you’ll know why.  Now that I think on it, I’m surprised I didn’t mess up like this sooner.  But you guys are all good sports, right?  You all know that I’m basically posting up the first draft of the story for you all, so you knew this was bound to happen sooner or later, right?

So…yeah.  That was pretty much it.  Thanks for being so understanding! ❤

Have a cookie!


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