SUMMER. Just another friendly bombshell.

Okay ladies n’ germs, I wanted to let you guys know that this coming month of June and through the first half of July updates for Eikasia will be very irregular.  Lemme say that again:


Meaning–they will still happen!  But I won’t be able to hit my usual Friday update, and I may not even manage an update every week.  However, there WILL be updates!  During that time, my focus will shift to getting a bonus update or two done.  Why the sudden pseudo-hiatus?  Because–it’s SUMMER!  And I actually have a lot of plans and hopes and determinations to meet in my personal life that will take me away from the steady stream of writing I’ve been doing.  Consider it preemptive burnout recovery…or something. Ha ha!  The timing of this is a bit funny because we’re so soon to finishing In Sight, In Mind–but if you’ll recall, I mentioned I had a bit of a plot error souring things up.  Along with focusing on bonus updates, I’ll be trying to edit and tighten up the story a bit.  I’ve been doing that a lot recently, here and there, changing sentences and fixing old typos and rewriting certain portions (a major one was for Chapter 1.1 this week, where I chopped up the first sentence and added a new paragraph. For a story, this is like plastic surgery on a person’s face)

Basically, we’ve been chugging along at anything between 40-60 mph story-wise.  Now we’re going to grind down to 5-10 mph so that I can fix up the site and handle the backlog of stories I owe you wonderful bastards.  Once I begin Part 3 I’m going to be making a major ad push to encourage new readers to join in.  I’ll likely do something to try and enlist everyone’s help.  I’ve already chosen a name for Part 3, but I won’t tell you all yet.  It’s going to be a short one.  If I don’t let things run away from me, than it’ll be no longer than 6-7 chapters.

So there’s my announcement/FYI/please-don’t-stone-me-I-swear-I’m-still-going-to-be-writing message.

Take care everyone!  Chapter 17.3 shall be up soon.


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