Bonus Update Showdown Results!

So the showdown is over!  You guys voted for over a month to choose the next five topics for bonus updates.  First place winner and second place winner were tied, so I played tie-breaker.  The way it goes is first place shall be the first side-story I write, then second place, then third, and so on.  Without further ado here’s the winners and the order in which they’ll be provided:

  1. “Quincy and Hakeem’s first bounty–Kollin, the rogue alchemist–also an important lesson on the role of linguistic prescriptivism in magic, and the sudden danger of rabid gerbils.”
  2. Elmiryn’s childhood–Training, itchy dresses, and first love.”
  3. Nyx’s childhood–Elves, lakes, and eating cake off the ceiling.”
  4. “How Nyx was chased out of the northwestern part of the Sibesona–also why she’s afraid of dogs.”
  5. “Batrengs are bastards–How Lethia met Argos, and how the dog learned not to underestimate Albian wildlife.”

Expect the first update to come sometime after Eikasia Chapter 18 is finished! Till next time everyone.


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