O Rly? Ya, rly.


Read the finale here, now!

….And THEN come back and read this post, because I don’t want to ruin anything for you.  😛





So I’m now assuming you’ve read the update.  I imagine you’ve dug up your pitchforks and torches.

Um, yeah sorry about that cliffhanger.

Will it help you to know that you’ll be getting the five bonus update topics you guys all asked for while you wait for me to finish my edits of Part 1 (and hopefully Part 2)?  I’ve been putting those off for far too long, and I have a backlog of notes a mountain high from kind folks that bothered to help my sorry behind.  I figure getting that done before I start Part 3: Blackwood, will be as good a time as any.  Otherwise, I’ll never get around to it, and that’ll suck.  So…!

I figure I’ll knock out those bonus topics as this process goes on.  I think it’ll take a little over a month.  If you’ll recall, minimum word count for bonus topics will be 2000, though that doesn’t mean I won’t go over this!  I considered doing a Tobias Intermission story as well, like the Wind and the Web, but it may seem messy and unnecessary next to the bonus stories.  We’ll see, though.  I might just do a one-shot post.

Now that I’ve prattled on about the future of the site, let me address the death of Graziano.

I didn’t want to do it.

And by that, I mean, I loved his character.  I wanted to find excuses to keep him in the story–possibly even add him as a main character.  But as I thought about the end of Part 2, and the way the events would unfold…I realized he would die.  Some writers may be familiar with this phenomenon, and I call it that because it brought tears to my eyes.  Maybe that wasn’t quite your reaction, but it sure as hell was mine.  Graziano is dead, and he isn’t coming back.  This is what happens when a characters story is revealed to a writer, versus being “created”.  It’s just a concept, and doesn’t need to be taken literally, but just understand that the most natural path for me was this, and that is what I chose.  It hadn’t been my original intention to have Elmiryn sit out of the final fight, or for Lethia to end up unconscious next to Paulo, but those things happened because I don’t try to wrestle the soul out of my own story.

While you wonder about the fate of Paulo, and hell, everyone else, just try and keep in mind that the story tends to evolve even as I try to keep it contained within a certain path.  Anything goes.  I’ve surprised even myself.  Never would I have guessed that Eikasia would have grown as much as it did, but here we are almost two years later and Part 2 is complete.  Things are only getting started folks, mark my words!

Until next time!


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