Recent Site Updates

The bonus update is currently at some 5000 words for this week.  Sorry for the tardiness.  But I made some fun updates to the Eikasia website!  Here’s a list of what I’ve done:

+Replaced story titles with Eikasia cover images (these are larger versions of the thumbnails seen in the header).  Check out Part 1 and Part 2‘s covers!

+Updated the cast page:  new information for Nyx, Quincy, Hakeem, Graziano, Paulo, Arduino, and Lethia–also added Farrel, Karolek, Jetswick, and Syria.

+Added five new links to links page; fixed the tiny text next to banners. Added Eikasia banners for linkage!

+Updated the setting page:  only 3 locations left to fill in for the Sibesonan continent.  Added short description for Crysen under “Talmor.”  Added the words “animus, Lunenn, Thomin’s Calendar, The Sacred Five of the Lunar Hall” to general terms.  Added new category “Languages in Eikasia”: includes phrases from Ailuran, Fanaean, Elven, and Santian–will become more comprehensive as time goes on.  Decided to add my rough draft of a map, made back in…what, February of this year?


Finish Sibesona locations on The Setting page.

Add character thumbnails to The Cast page.

Finish editing chapter 2 (yikes, I’m so behind!)

The update will be up this weekend!  Promise!  Till next time everyone.


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