Your two cents…? (Again?)

Okay, I’ve been on a polling binge lately. I think I did…what, three or four this year alone? But this one takes care of alot of my questions in one big swipe. There’s still one more I wanna do after this one–to find out which is the most popular bonus story, but I’ll put that one out once I finish the last three bonus stories. (maybe even after the fourth one–yes! You guys earned ONE MORE because Eikasia reached 92 fans on Facebook!)

So here’s the survey. If you guys could take a minute to fill this out for me, it’d really help me get a sense of what you guys think about Eikasia, and it could even lead to some significant changes for the story and the website–so please be honest!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.


One thought on “Your two cents…? (Again?)

  1. […] Also…got a second?  Take the Eikasia survey, so that I know who the heck I’m writing to… […]

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