Wait! — I can explain!

So the Lethia bonus update is at 7100 words so far.  It isn’t so much a lack of inspiration, but a lack of energy and time.  Tonight I have to get my father from the airport.  This’ll be my third trip to SFO in a month.  Plus…I don’t know if this is so much burning out as just a re-evaluation of the level of work I put into Eikasia day-to-day.  It’s getting to be a bit much.  But I think I might have the thing to remove the amount of stress I experience and the amount of disappointment you all are left with.

If I added up the hours of work I put into the website, into the story, and all things related–I’d have something around 20-25 hours every single week…which is currently more than what I put into my day job.  Then there’s my classes in the evening, plus homework and projects.  Then there’s, y’know, life–family and friends.  This isn’t me whining so much as just breaking things down for you so that you understand the motivation in what I’m about to say next:

Eikasia’s update schedule is going to change to every Sunday–I was tempted to just saying “the weekend” and leaving it at that, but I know that audiences of serialized stories like to have fixed days, so there you go.  This may not seem like much to you all, as I’m just moving over by two days–but consider the fact that I’m mostly busy during the weekdays, and all of my most amazing pushes for word count occurred OVER THE WEEKENDS.  When I first started Eikasia, I didn’t have a job and I wasn’t going to school, so updating every Fridays (however much I still sucked at it) didn’t seem as impossible.  Now it’s…sorta pretty impossible.  Life likes to throw me off, like it does all of us, so I’m not really going to use my inconveniences as an excuse (that doesn’t mean airport dropoffs, religious meetings, car repairs, and longer work shifts don’t factor in though!)  But with my focus shifting from Friday to Sunday may make my life less stressful and otherwise make writing a great deal more enjoyable.

I also want to add that this coming week is when Part 3:  Blackwood starts! But don’t expect some monstrous word count like this past month.  I’ve really been spoiling you bastards.  Those were one-shot bonus stories with a beginning, middle, and end.  Finally, with the start of Blackwood, I get to return to a place where I don’t feel like I have to sprint great distances to make an update seem worth it!  Atleast I hope so.

So…I don’t know if the update will be done by tonight.  It could be.  If not, it will be sometime this coming week.  After this change in the schedule, I’ll adjust my time accordingly so that I’m not freaking out every single day.  Ugh…

Till next time!


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