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Summer Fun

A Line-Storm Song
By Robert Frost

The line-storm clouds fly tattered and swift,
The road is forlorn all day,
Where a myriad snowy quartz stones lift,
And the hoof-prints vanish away.
The roadside flowers, too wet for the bee,
Expend their bloom in vain.
Come over the hills and far with me,
And be my love in the rain.

The birds have less to say for themselves
In the wood-world’s torn despair
Than now these numberless years the elves,
Although they are no less there:
All song of the woods is crushed like some
Wild, easily shattered rose.
Come, be my love in the wet woods; come,
Where the boughs rain when it blows.

There is the gale to urge behind
And bruit our singing down,
And the shallow waters aflutter with wind
From which to gather your gown.
What matter if we go clear to the west,
And come not through dry-shod?
For wilding brooch shall wet your breast
The rain-fresh goldenrod.

Oh, never this whelming east wind swells
But it seems like the sea’s return
To the ancient lands where it left the shells
Before the age of the fern;
And it seems like the time when after doubt
Our love came back amain.
Oh, come forth into the storm and rout
And be my love in the rain.

A nice poem, perhaps not related to this post, but certainly related to the romantic feelings I’ve been experiencing as of late.  I thought it appropriate to share given Quincy’s mention of Frost in my weirdest update yet.

The days are growing stranger here, dear readers, as my life comes ever closer to that monumental change.  I think I may have mentioned it before, though I can’t recall if I ever said it before on this site (and I’m too lazy to look) but I’m getting married in June.  Immediately following that marriage is a two week honeymoon and the process of transitioning into my new surroundings.

If your first thoughts weren’t, “Aww, how sweet!” or “How romantic!” or “Good for her!” Than you likely thought:

“Oh shit, another hiatus…”

And you’re right!  You win!  (but thanks to the well wishers of course)

Yes, friends.  Eikasia will be entering into a hiatus.  The tricky part for me is…how long, exactly?  And is there something I can do in the meantime?  I’ve had the idea of having guest writers.  Someone suggested an art contest, which sounded fun.  And then there was the default option of leaving the site static until I return.  The issue with posting up “guest content” is that I wouldn’t be able to update whilst on my honeymoon (unless it were something easy to post, like the art), so no matter what, there’d be at least two weeks of nada.  As far as I know, WordPress doesn’t have an automated posting feature.  If I’m wrong, then I’ll shit skittles and rainbows.

SOOOO…well, I did just say it’d be the easiest thing. Why not just start an art contest?  Sure yes.  Here, I’ll make it all official:


The rules: Actually, you could pretty much send me whatever your demented hearts desire so long as it’s Eikasia related, not anti-LGBT in nature, and not featuring something extreme like rape with knives.  Keep in mind too that I’d like to post stuff that’s somewhat work safe, so they also can’t be pornographic.

Where to send the shtuff: illise (at) with the subject, “Eikasia Art Contest”.

The Winners: There will be 4 winners total.  All will be featured on the site once a week following the end date (starting with fourth place, then moving up) and will have their own blurb and link posted (if they want that.)

Runner Up Prizes: Fourth place winner receives a Hakeem wallpaper.  Third place winner receives the wallpaper and special artwork featuring Nyx.  2nd place winner receives the wallpaper, the Nyx art, special artwork of Lacertli, and some of my original story notes for Part 1: Tributaries.

The Grand Prize: First place winner receives an autographed sketchcard from me featuring an Eikasia character of your choice, the premium content I’ve been saving up (which contains 7 incredible pieces of guest artwork from professional artists, not to mention thousands of words worth of story notes, deleted scenes, and future scenes–one of which being an NC-17 idea featuring a certain pair of ladies…) as well as a $10 Amazon gift card.  Not only that, but the winner’s artwork and website link will likely be posted in a prominent place on the main page (aka the New Readers page) and their website will have a permanent place on the Links page.

Contest Timeframe: You have until June 14th to send me your artwork!  Send as much as you’d like if you’re feeling so inspired, but anything after that date can’t be accepted!

If you didn’t win: Don’t worry!  I’ll be posting the honorable mentions here on Ninth Suture, and ALL entries shall be making their way into the Eikasia Facebook gallery for others to see and enjoy!


And that’s all!  Currently, the tentative start date for the hiatus is the first of June, but I’ll have hopefully worked up some Intermissions or finished a bonus update or two by then, so you won’t be completely left with nothing before I start posting the art winners.

Well…I’m looking forward to hearing from you all!

Take care!