Hello everybody.  You guys working on an entry for the Eikasia contest? I sure hope so, or else this site shall sit so sad and glum…and that’d be a disappointing thing to consider even after my joyous lil’ wedding.

But my bashful toe-stubbing aside, what I REALLY wanted to talk about was the the REALLY unofficial playlists I have now made available both on the Eikasia and Susie Swordfish websites.  They’re pop-ups, so don’t fret about being rudely interrupted.  They’ll only come up when you click on the playlist button, and it has a stop and pause button.  These are songs that in one way or another jump started my writing (and believe me, there were ton more, but I tried to stick to tracks that followed major themes or rang true for the setting).  They’re nothing important, just lists I did for fun and are meant to be seen as such.  The thing is, I’m the sort of person who can listen to music with lyrics when writing or reading–but if you’re not that sort of person, then perhaps you can’t really listen to these songs whilst reading Eikasia or (in the future) reading Susie Swordfish.  This certainly isn’t background or ambient music.  A few notes:

You need Flash 7 for these players to work for you.  Second, if you’re pop-up blocker is on, it could potentially stop the window from opening, so be sure to check that.  Lastly, to adjust the volume, my fiancee and I found that we had to click and drag.  If you’re confused as to where the volume bar is, it’s at the top in the right corner and looks like cell phone signal bars.

…Aaaand, that’s pretty much it!

Take care everyone!


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