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Eikasia Update – Oct 23, 2011

Here’s this week’s vlog:

To add to what I said in the video–

It was fully my intention upon writing 29.1 to have a much more physically intimate scene between Elmiryn and Nyx, but after starting 29.2, I realized that not only would that be implausible (because of Elmiryn’s immaterial state) but the timing was just plain bad.  I really didn’t think it felt natural, as much sexual magnetism as there was.  I thought it much more interesting to focus on Elmiryn’s growing inner turmoil over her changing state, and showing how her feelings towards Nyx have become increasingly complex as a result.  I’m going to try and get a head start on resuming the story.

The real problem with my story outline is that it only focuses on major plot points.  Sometimes, I have big spaces in between those where I assume I’ll have enough plot fodder to churn through before I hit onto the next major event.  This time around, I lacked the inspiration needed to forge ahead.  It won’t be the same this next week, I promise!


Eikasia Update – Oct 1, 2011

I posted this yesterday on YouTube as part of a new vlog series I’m trying to do.  I seem to have trouble finding the energy to type up blog posts, so I’m giving this a shot as I’m pretty content to run my mouth, even when exhausted.  There’s a few other videos on Eikasia’s YouTube page if you haven’t already checked it out.  From now on, I’ll be cross-posting vlog entries here, just to make them more available.

Gonna finish 28.3, then post.  Hopefully within the hour!