Eikasia Update – Dec 7, 2011

Another video blog for you all, detailing what’s going on with me and what my thoughts are on the story so far.  Plus, a personal appeal.

Ah, and it’s my birthday!  Do me a favor and give Eikasia a review/rating?  Donations are swell too!

To rate/review Eikasia, go to: Web Fiction Guide – http://t.co/oEUpa40e OR Muse’s Success – http://t.co/cSxquL4W

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2 thoughts on “Eikasia Update – Dec 7, 2011

  1. Dee says:

    I’m surprised Eikasia isn’t popular. I love it. Happy late birthday wish! 🙂


  2. Maria says:

    I’ve been reading this last year? I stopped at Chapter 18 and I didn’t come back for awhile because I just couldn’t stand the chapter by chapter wait =[.

    I’d very much rather buy one whole complete copy than bear ze agony ov vetting.

    ‘Cause good lesbian fantasy is as numerous as the stars in a smog-cloaked sky. During daylight.

    And the fact that this is free is like… Awesome. While the word might seem anti-climactic, really you’re like Awesomeness Incarnate. And no, no shallowness there, I’m just happy I found this again.

    The name “Nyx” has been reverberating in my head for a couple of days before I remembered, Eikasia, aha, eureka!

    I’ll go back to happily reading now. Starting from chapter 1 again.

    Ya’ll have a good one =]. With a twang.

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