2012 Cometh

Hey all…so I wanted to apologize for the choppy updates this holiday season.  As I mentioned in my past blogs, alot was going on with me, personally and academically.  This week a family member died and I think my mind is just still trying to deal with that.  I wanted to do a new vote incentive, come up with an intermission story, maybe even work on that Tobias bonus update I’ve been sitting on…but I just couldn’t.  I think I may have to call another indefinite hiatus.  Just enough time to get my head on straight and back in the game.

Thank you all for understanding.  I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that all your dreams come true in the new year!


3 thoughts on “2012 Cometh

  1. bozaki says:

    Crap, I am so sorry to hear that. I know (most of us do) how f***ed up is like to lose someone… Take care and take your time.
    My thoughts go with you.

  2. RDiMaggio says:

    Hi, I know this sounds odd but I wanted you to know that the story you have started to unfold is the singularly most beautiful thing I’ve read in quite a long time. I’m sorry to hear about your family and I know stress builds up quickly. I hope things get better for you soon. I have faith in you. You’re strong. 🙂 I do await another update as I couldn’t stop reading the past 2 days, but know that I’d rather you take the time to get better than be here drowning. Take care Ms. Montoya. I know you’ve probably heard it a number of times but it will get better.

    Eikasia and Illise Fan

  3. Svetla says:

    Missing the realm of Eikasia… I think I know what are you going through, having lost my mom and baby brother recently.
    Eucasia story is nice and different and it would be pitty if you didn’t return to it.
    Be better soon!
    Svetla (your Czech fan)

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