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It’s going to be late…

…But the Eikasia and Akumu Love Panic! updates WILL come, okay guys? Just a bit late. I had work all day today, then tomorrow I fly to California to be with family after a year and a half away from home.
Just wanted to give a heads up!

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Instant Message from I.M. #8

After visiting a video game collectible store, my husband and I were pretty quick to throw down at least $166 some dollars for: Deadrising 2 Collector’s Edition, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Silent Hill 2, Sonic: Mega Collection, Mega Man X Collection, Street Fighter Alpha anthology, Silverload, and Spectral Load. We still didn’t come close to getting half of all the things we wanted ha ha!

I want to add that these games are in near mint condition, except for Silverload, which was somewhat scratched with a banged up case….but that game is so rare that it still cost me $19. Take this into account: currently? A MINT CONDITION Silverload goes for $500 minimum. Did I snag a deal? You bet’cher ass I did!

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Instant Message from I.M. #7

Drunk. But happy. Shooting the shit with a friend while my husband plays Marvel vs. capcom.

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My favorite anti-jokes (so far)

If you don’t know what an anti-joke is, then you must have been living in your house, because it’s the NEW CRA-ZAY THANG all the hip kids are doing these days. Basically, an anti-joke is just something with all the standard framings of a normal joke, but with a dark, literal, or otherwise anti-climactic ending. Here are three my favorites from lowest to highest.

  • How do you confuse a blonde?
    You paint yourself green and throw forks at her.
  • So this dyslexic man walks into a bra…
  • Why did the clown kiss the tree?
    Because he walked into it.


That last one? I came up with when I was seven years old.

I’m such a trendsetter.

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Book Review: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Gillian Flynn

Bestselling Author, Gillian Flynn

Poignant, vivid, and tragic, this tale of a series of child murders in a small Missouri town manages to haunt you even after the book is closed. It twists your heart and your gut, but holds you, fastened, in a morbid sort of curiosity. You know the truth will be grisly, but you have to know, and Flynn does a fantastic job in both her portrayal of a pastoral community gripped in horror, and the fundamentally flawed protagonist who must wrestle with her past and the blossoming truth that is her reality.

This book is a must, especially if you prefer gritty, hard-hitting stories in touch with human emotion in a non-exploitative sort of way. I recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in serial killers, and anyone who enjoyed the films Mystic River, Girl Interrupted, and the Machinist, and also anyone who enjoys the television show Dexter. I’d equate this book with another if only I could think of any other thriller I’ve read that even comes close to Sharp Objects in quality.

Get it on Amazon!

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Instant Message from I.M. #6


One of the perks of the job…key lime pie!

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Instant Message from I.M. #5


What’s on the menu tonight at my job, apparently. Don’t ask me what fish that is. All I know is that it looks delicious. XD

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Instant Message from I.M. #4

Double shift, double dollar, double chores, double choler, double down, double dip, double struck is double hit…a week to trip, east to west. Cali’s fall is surely best.

Silly ditty I came up with about my double shift today and my trip to California next week. It’s only 11:45 and I’ve already learned what southern hospitality is. The tea is always sweet here for you. Wish I could always be sweet too.

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Updates Updates Updates!

It’s up and ready, though a bit short, for reasons stated in my recent post. Next week I fly to California, but I’ll still be updating (as well as doing school). With work out of the picture and just fun times with the fam and friends, I’m hoping my creative muse and the powers that be will be more generous with me. >_>
As it stands, I’ve decided to update ALP! with what I’ve got as well. It’s about the same length of my Eikasia update, and has a bit of a cliffhanger, but I hope to end it within the week. I can’t come up with enough excuses. All I can say is that I finally made a small step forward!

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No seriously…

I’m totally TRYING to work on Eikasia (and thereby ALP!), its just that I got hit with some withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawals from what? Rest assured, I’m not a coke addict. But I do, unfortunately, take regular medication. So when I took that stupid 8 hour “nap” last night, I skipped my scheduled dose of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills, and my dosage isn’t exactly mild. Actually my dosage is kinda…heavy. I’m not sedated or something, but going from 275 mg of “the stuff” to 0 mg of “the stuff” results in lots of stuff kicking my ass. So at the moment, my body is like, “DUDE YOU SUCK,” and I’m just like…


P.S. I’ll send you special Eikasia goodies if you can guess the joke film reference I’m trying to make above.

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