Oh happy day…

It’s amusing the psychology of shift workers. We want money. We complain when we are denied hours, but we also complain when we get 12 hour shifts until 3AM. I try to make it a point not to complain even when I’m tired, but now and again I can’t help it. When my pain killers stop working and my co-workers are dragging their feet and my manager is no where to be found, my whine awakens like a beast from slumber. Today though—TODAY, I am in a good mood. Why? Because I got PAID!  And you wanna know what else? I paid off almost ALL of my bills. I just have that missed appointment to take care of and I’m in the clear. I thought I’d reward myself with some celebratory drinks and a new game off of Steam (either RAGE or I Am Alive).

So I am clearly in a better mood than I was two days ago. Soon I can focus entirely on school and writing. ALP! is up 883 words. It wasn’t hard to write–I just lost time.

Today I get off around 5 I think, and after that I was planning on entertaining a few guests. Any writing to be done will have to be tomorrow.

I have some interesting blog posts in stow away I thought some of you might find interesting, like the Donnie Darko post.

For now, here’s a glimpse of the work I’ve been slaving over the past three days: 21 tables set for eight, with all of those GOD DAMN CHAIRS, with navy blue napkins folded fan style. That’s 168 settings TOTAL. Each table has an overlay, and an underlay linen cloth, with glasses and butter plates. This took 3 DAYS TO SET UP, because my manager goofed up some details and we had to start over a few times, and also because we were setting all of this whilst serving for OTHER events simultaneously. Yeah. Crazy fun! Welcome to the world of banquets. 🙂


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