Google Drive Experiment

Hey guys.

So I’ve been hankering to write lately, but alas, I have another 40 hour work week looming over me along with school. So! I started exploring options for live writing. If you’ve never heard of live writing, it’s basically just as it sounds. Someone sits at a keyboard and types something live online, and someone somewhere else reads as they do it! Now I doubt you all will be hurrying for a chance to watch my 60 words per minute crawl across the screen, but in case you’d like to see the NEWEST OF THE NEW appear online before it’s “done”…well now you can. I just opened up two folders for both Akumu Love Panic! and Eikasia on Google Drive. There, you should be able to read the latest material, even as I’m writing it!

Currently, I have some of the newest Eikasia material up for Chapter 35.1, and I’m also working my way through Akumu Love Panic’s first drafts before I write some new material. With luck, the latter should be a much better story, which I feel is necessary before I proceed with it.

For the links to the Google Drive folders, just click below:

Akumu Love Panic! Folder

Eikasia Folder

Comments are encouraged during the writing process, even if all you have to say is, “This is great!” I mean, you know, because…is it!? XD

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