The Long Tail and Reputation Economy

I talk about Chris Anderson’s best selling book, “The Longer Long Tail” and how it’s concepts apply to my personal experience as a creator.

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2 thoughts on “The Long Tail and Reputation Economy

  1. […] In truth, I seriously doubt I’ll ever make back even a fraction of what I’ve invested in Eikasia. I have spent so much money in artwork, site hosting, advertising, and editing. If I got a bit of that money back, that’d be great, but that wasn’t the point of this whole thing. I was doing this for reputation economy. (which I talked about last year on this blog) […]

  2. […] University. It explores ways of reaching niche audiences and the benefits of reputation economy. If you don’t know what “the long tail” is, click here to see my Youtube post for a… The questions in bold were questions provided by my instructor at the time. The assignment was to […]

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