Thrillerfest, The Publishing Apocalypse & Why Is There Cause to Celebrate?

A great post by Kristen Lamb. Brick-and-mortar establishments are losing out to Amazon, and while this doesn’t mean book stores will be gone forever, it does require us writers to think of the future–which IS the internet. At the very least, every writer should have an online presence. I’ve learned a lot in the last two years, but I haven’t been able to fully implement my knowledge for a more rounded approach to blogging, networking, and online promotion. But the evidence seems clear to me that once I’m able to dedicate my time to these things, it will only be to my benefit. I just can’t understand why so many people want to believe in a dying business model…

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Thrillerfest is a phenomenal conference packed full of experts and even heroes. It’s also a unique conference in that it takes place in NYC, right in the heart of traditional publishing. One of my major goals for WANA has been to serve writers—ALL writers. Publishing has been a One Size Fits All model for generations, and a lot of great writing has been collateral damage.

In fact, the paper-driven paradigm had driven many forms of writing to the brink of extinction—short stories, novellas, poetry, serials, pulp fiction, epic fiction, etc—simply because these types of works were a bad investment for a business that must turn a profit in order to survive and keep investing in new authors.


WANA has always made it a point to never make authors feel they needed to choose sides. Traditional is a better fit for some authors and indie isn’t for…

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