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The Notebook and HIMYM’s Dobler-Dahmer Theory

Okay…OKAY. So I just started watching The Notebook. I had to pause it JUST to type this because this scene was ridiculous to me:

I mean, I  realize that McAdams character gets her revenge by pantsing Gosling’s character, but this scene immediately made me think of How I Met Your Mother’s Dobler-Dahmer Theory:

For me? The Notebook’s “big romantic gesture” was straight into Dahmer territory.

As hot as Ryan Gosling is, if some guy persistently pestered me, then coerced acceptance through fear, I’d either kick him in the nuts or get the authorities.

Fine, fine. I hate party poopers like the rest of you. I can engage in a bit of suspension of disbelief. This is a romantic film, and we know that these two characters will inevitably get together.

But Rachel McAdams character tells Gosling’s character “NO” pretty clearly several times, and he proceeds to continuously invade her space, then manipulate her through bullshit antics. I guess as an audience we’re supposed to find this “roguish” behavior as charming. Yeah? Well when I was a kid I would’ve thought his persistence was romantic, now I just see it as menacing.

I guess I’ll keep watching this, but this isn’t a great start for what’s supposed to be such a huge cult movie…

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Ear Smash, Mind Crash

EDIT: Took out the embedded playlist because it kept auto-playing even though it wasn’t supposed to. (argh)  If you’re a curious birdie, you can see what I’m blabbing about in the link below.

Ear Smash, Mind Crash

If you followed my tweets, you would know that I was rifling through my back issues of Spin (a music magazine) and managed to come up with a pretty long list of new songs to listen to (considering I only looked through 2 of 9 magazine issues). I hope you guys don’t think it too obnoxious of me that I want to share my findings. I really adore music–I’m not a musician or anything, and my interest is purely emotional and philosophical as I know nothing of the finer points of being an audiophile. Still, I have this habit of making special playlists, or wannabe albums and compilations. I did it for Eikasia and for my other creative projects, even.

So if you’re new to the site, you’ll likely hear me blab about music quite a bit.

The above playlist is just a compilation, but it’ll likely be cannabalized to make a more focused list of songs. It’s funny, recently I’ve been listening to a lot of heavy metal and alternative rock on my iPod, lots of easy listening on my iTunes, and now there’s this imeem list of hodge podge muzak. Geez, no wonder my narrative voice never sits still in my writing.

Oh but did you think I was going to leave you without any news about Chapter 8.3? Well, it’s coming along gradually. It’s at 2,866 words. Here’s a  sampling of it:

We had returned to the wilderness, where insects made music beneath the bracken fern, and a nighthawk’s glowing eyes blinked at me from the high branches of an old whitebeam tree. I was given a moment, finally apart from my revulsion, to appreciate this beauty. I hadn’t realized how much Gamath had bothered me until I smelled the fresh soil and flowering fauna–heard the rustle of leaves and the shift of grass. For more than a year, the wilderness had been my home. No civilized place would have me.

“…And now,” I couldn’t help but think, “Not even the wild will have me.”

“Feels better doesn’t it?” Elmiryn asked in a low voice. She lead me through the forest with careful steps, and spared me a glance to see if she could find a hint of me in the growing shadows.

Remember, it’s subject to change and all that.

Ah…see how unfocused and silly my posts are when I’m half-awake? Why can’t all my posts be as focused as my “books books books” post? (atleast before it unraveled near the end?)

Here’s my music recommendations if you don’t feel like going through the whole playlist:  all of St. Vincent, all of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal”, and if you like unconventional hip-hop, check out Elzhi’s “Guessing Game”, and K’naan’s “ABC’s”.

All right, that’s all I have right now.  Brain shuts off…


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Am I short, or is this horse just too damn big…?

So hopefully some of you are still sticking around.  If not, I’d understand–a site that doesn’t update just doesn’t seem worth bothering with.  But I’d like to let you all know that I’m making efforts to resume work editing.  I’m also going to make an effort to resume the story.  Probably more effort for the latter considering the amount of time that has passed.

Gosh, so what the heck have I been up to!?  To be honest, not much…job hunting, like so many in America.  Making plans for community college.  Making books and journals from scratch.  Perhaps spending more creative energy than I should into LARPing (live-action-roleplaying).  I’ve also been healthily distracted by movies, games, books, boys and the silly messes they bring with them…

BUT!  (and this is one hell of a ‘but’, my friends) I’ve been making gradual progress over the last month in getting the next installment done.  It’s sad that this couldn’t have atleast happened BETWEEN adventures instead of near the tail-end of one.  Though I think I made some progress in my editing, and perhaps even improved my understanding of Nyx and Elle.

Now I’m not just blowing smoke up your asses.  Really, just see for yourself:

I was the defiler, there. The clumsy heathen whose ragged breath and befuddled feet made a mess of things. All around me was dead. I was a perversity whose future was mirrored in the gray stunted world. My trail was marked by the clouds of ash that came up into the air. These little clouds drifted a yard or two as swirls of currents that traced pale lines through the air, before they blanketed the corpses of animals. Milky eyes glared at me accusingly as I made my way.

Blood stained me. The quilted weave of my gambeson was tainted, the rips that marred it like wounds themselves. I could even feel a breeze in my left boot. The sole had begun to separate at the tip.

My muscles loathed me, and quivered beneath the strains of my commands, as if they had to remember that I was their master. When exhaustion sought to overcome me, I would kneel in the desolation and try to catch my breath. My eyes tunneled, and sweat dripped from the dip of my nose. In my arms, Elmiryn’s lanky body barely seemed to fit into my grip. Her head was cradled against my bosom, eyes shut and her breath faint. Her eyes were red and raw, and her skin a terrible pale complexion. If I stared at her long enough, I thought I could make out her eye sockets shifting…but then it occured to me that it could just be a trick of my eyes.

All the while, in my head, things that were not mine prodded me. I saw battles, recalled feelings, felt sensations that were not mine–not even my counterpart’s. Some of these things, these memories, were Elmiryn’s, I knew…but I made an effort not to pay it any mind. It threatened me, revulted me. My head seemed barely capable handling two personas, how could I stand the memories of others, however feeble?

Every time I felt myself too enthralled with a particular thought, every time I felt myself come too close to empathizing with a memory, I moved. Forced myself forward in sloppy standard, like a drunkard startled out of his settlement. It worked, to some degree. I didn’t drown in what wasn’t mine. But still, things slipped through, and I kept returning to nagging details…

I’m going to put a big phat general disclaimer on that one.  It’s subject to change and edits, as always.

One thing that helped me get my groove back was an awesome music playlist…which I worked tirelessly to perfect over the course of four days.  Some of the songs I chose on the basis of mood, subject matter, and style.  Clearly, some of those songs seem out of place (Nirvana, what?) but some of them reminded me of things completely relevant.  I avoided songs that just sounded cool or catchy.  I had other playlists for that.  This one was put together with a goal.  There’s an art to getting the chemistry of music just right.  For the curious birdies, here’s my playlist, in order–plus three songs from the list to hear:

1.  “The Creep Out” by The Dandy Warhols
2.  “Love is an Unfamilar Name” by The Duke Spirit
3.  “Joker & The Thief” by Wolfmother
4.  “The Devil In The Kitchen” by Ashley MacIsaac
5.  “Psycho” by Puddle of Mudd
6.  “So I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer” by The Cardigans
7.  “Strange And Beautiful (I’ll Put A Spell On You)” by Aqualung
8.  “First Love” by Adele 
9.  “The Cave” by Jorane
10.  “La princesa Dolça de Provença by Trobar de Morte
11.  “Wake the Dead” by A Perfect Circle
12.  “Natural Blues” by Moby
13.  “Face in a Cloud” by Audio Bullys
14.  “Bottom Of The Lake” by The Builders And The Butchers
15.  “All Apologies” by Nirvana
16.  “The Hollow” by A Perfect Circle
17.  “Here Come the Bastards” by Primus
18.  “The Rage” by Judas Priest
19.  “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden
20.  “Jack Of Diamonds” by Sonic Syndicate
21.  “War?” by System Of A Down 
22.  “I Disappear (Metallica Goth Remix)” by Public
23.  “Wildcat” by Ratatat
24.  “May Day” by Unkle (featuring The Duke Spirit)
25.  “My Own Dirge” by Sxip Shirey

“The Cave” by Jorane

This one made me think a lot about Nyx and an important moment in her past…which you’ll all be familiar with soon enough.

“The Trooper” by Iron Maiden

This one makes me think alot of Elmiryn and the battles she’s experienced…but it also made me think of the time Nyx snuck to a battlefield when she was young and saw the dead and dying.

“So I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer” by The Cardigans

Elmiryn’s drinking habits. Easy.

Okay, that’s all the chatter I’ve got left in me. With luck, I’ll get this chapter up before another month goes by. (no, really, I’m trying for this Friday.) Till next time, remember to check twitter and the RSS feed for updates!

EDIT:  Wow, I sound like a grade schooler giving automatic answers…”This story made me think of the, uh, stuff that was…y’know, important.”  It’s almost midnight, I’m allowed some ineloquence, darnit!  Oh, but I meant to pip in that the embed players are being a little weird, so if they aren’t working for you, just try reloading the page…or going here, where coincidentally I have two more songs to listen to–  http://soundcloud.com/cajeck


Err Boldly.

It’s the only way to do it.

SOOO…I posted up Chap 3.4 despite general misgivings and the fact that I was half-out-of-my-fucking-skull when proofreading it. I decided if I could go back and edit previous chapters, I can do the same for this one. Graciously point something out to me, and I’ll work with it folks. That’s what the comment feature is for. ^_^

Sleep deprivation allowed me enough confidence to put a stake in the worries once and for all:



Word games.

Another chapter preview! More Nyx Nerdiness… (remember, this is subject to change, blah blah blah…)

Elmiryn thought, tapping the handle of the skinning knife on her chin. “Let’s play a game.”

I gave her a deadpan look. “While you’re carving an animal corpse?”

“You tell me about yourself. Using single words.”


“Five syllable words,” Elmiryn added with a grin. Her angular face seemed a little flushed and for a brief moment I wondered if she were drunk again.

“Elmiryn I can’t–“

“Of course you can. I bet you can come up with a word for how you’re feeling right now.”

“Yeah. Exasperation!


“I really don’t think it’ll work.”

Elmiryn looked at me. Then shrugged. “Okay. If you say so.” That was when she filleted the deer from the gut to the chin.

The beast in me snarled at the sight of red life spilling onto the dirt, the tumble of dark purplish organs, the gleam of the exposed rib cage. The smell that hit me literally made me reel. I spun back around, horrified. “Disquietude! Feelings of anxiety that cause one to become tense!!” Even I could note the lower pitch of my voice, the growl that tinged my words.

“That’s four syllables.” Elmiryn said calmly. I couldn’t see her expression, but I could imagine her smiling. Why did she find these things funny?

Fine! Pestiferousness; something akin to evil or general annoyance.

If you guys have checked my twitter updates on the main site, you’ll know that the next update won’t be up till sometime Sunday. I apologize for this and really DO dislike going against my schedule, but sometimes that happens in life, and after this rather eventful week I really have no reason to stop and regret it at all.

I was feeling pretty unmotivated with the next installment before I was hit with a random idea. It literally saved the sinking ship! It also helped to remember that I was writing Eikasia for myself as much as for others (though I truly do appreciate my readers)–It was just getting to the point that I was fretting so much about what people would make of my story that I couldn’t even write it. But now I think I’ve gotten over that (for now, ha!) and the writer’s block has magically vanished. I’d stay up to work on this more, but I have work tomorrow so I’m afraid I’ll have to put it off till later.

Till Sunday then!

Because it’s awesome-sauce.


New installment posted.

I’ll slap general disclaimers on this one: I’m hungry, I’m PMSing, I’ve been busy, my muse is threatening to divorce me, I’ve got small breasts…blah blah blah. The end of the post I especially want to slap all over with disclaimers as I was half asleep when writing it. I’m half asleep now as a matter of fact.

The sketch of Nyx is just a concept thing, so if you want to imagine her as an old crone with one eye, be my guest. The drawing was really just a sad attempt on my part to get in touch with the character and maybe give my site a little more aesthetic…stuff.

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