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Kliff’s Edge Debut

Hey guys! Just letting you know about a story I started for a school project. Please consider reading, liking, and sharing it!


Kliff’s Edge, a free paranormal mystery series, debuts with its first chapter for the story–When Dogs Won’t Dig:

“Some truths won’t stay buried forever…”

May Kliff likes dogs just fine, she just never thought she’d get paid to catch one. But this dog gives her a run for her money when she finds its not only smarter than the average pooch, it has an unnerving constitution that beats out most humans. With her estranged brother Max along for the ride, the two struggle to uncover just where the dog came from and why it’s so resilient. Will May and Max be able to solve the mystery of this strange canine, or will the Kliffs’ livelihoods as paranormal problem solvers go to the dogs?

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