Tributaries – Fantasy E-Book Trailer


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Full Synopsis: Nyx is a feline shape shifter, lost and alone, host to a fierce and ferocious being that lies deep inside her. She harbors a deadly secret and is running for her life when she is saved by Elmiryn, a cursed warrior on a quest for revenge. The pair quickly become unlikely allies and embark upon a perilous physical and mental journey that will put both their skills and sanity to the test. Ultimately, they form a unique and powerful bond through their shared trials and tribulations. Together they continue onward and follow a path that leads to new and remarkable discoveries of both the worlds around, and within them.

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Twitter: @cajeck

All music and images used under various Creative Commons licenses.

Music: “She Moved Through the Fair” by Sláinte –


“Enchantment” by Marina del Castell –
“Lungerersee in Alps” by Artur Staszewski –
“SummerHalloween Self-portrait” by Dr.Cialtron –
“Glory” by Snake3yes –
“Beautiful Natural Scenery” by Kashmir Pictures –
“Flaming Torches” by Dan Taylor –
“Xcaret Panther” by Robert McGoldrick –

“Tributaries” Cover Art by Kayla Mayer –

Video created by Illise Montoya.

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December 2013 Update

I’m calling this the “December Update” but it probably won’t be the only one I do this month. In it, I talk mostly about the recent Eikasia update, as well as my career goals after graduation, and the lil’ old fact that my birthday is tomorrow. 😉

Fun Fact: After finishing the video, I got a call from my “Graduation Liason” (who was also my Financial Advisor once upon a time) and was informed that my graduation date was the same day that my baby son is estimated to be due! Another weird thing? My son’s due date is a day after my hubby’s birthday. So graduation, baby due, and husband’s birthday… The stars are aligned!!

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November 2013 Update

So this is super late! I was supposed to post this here but I forgot. I talk about school a lot and the fact that I’m close to graduating my degree program. (Among other things)

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Continuing from my writing inspiration video, I talk about different tools and tactics you can put to use when brainstorming or organizing your story ideas.

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Kliff’s Edge Series Trailer

Watch the new trailer for Kliff’s Edge the free paranormal mystery series by Illise Montoya!


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Finding Inspiration for Writing

Continuing from my writing books video ( I talk about possible ways of finding inspiration for writing, and some tools or activities you may not have considered before. This focuses less on forcing yourself to write via writing exercises, and more about finding the desire and natural connection a writer feels towards a story.

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Writing Books That Guide and Inspire

My top recommendations for books on writing and the writing industry. Good for anyone looking for inspiration, direction, or simple knowledge.

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The Long Tail and Reputation Economy

I talk about Chris Anderson’s best selling book, “The Longer Long Tail” and how it’s concepts apply to my personal experience as a creator.

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State of the Author – July 2nd 2013

Late in going up here, but an update on what’s new with me and the Eikasia project!

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Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die Promo Anime [English Sub]

Hey guys. I wanted to share this anime short which served as a promo for the game Zero’s Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. I just finished it today, and I’m a little speechless. This game, like Heavy Rain, encompasses all the aspects of video game narrative that I want to explore and expand upon. The experience is very different from your typical adventure game, so if you’re looking for an incredible story, great challenging puzzles, and just something new, I suggest getting this game on PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS (I recommend the latter personally)

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