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The Bonus Update Showdown — Yet Another Poll, and this one’s big!

I’m more than halfway done with the Elmiryn bonus update, which means it’s time to start voting for the next side story. But seeing as how I have FIVE stories I owe you guys, I thought I’d try something fun. This…is a battle. The ultimate mega showdown of story topics my mind can cook up for you. Not only are there TWENTY TOPICS for you to choose from…you can vote MORE THAN ONCE. Yes! That’s right! This is a war to see the story of your choice make it to the top five topics for upcoming bonus updates.  Due to the magnitude of this poll, I’m opening it to everyone, not just Facebook fans.  The order in which these stories are made available will be determined by popular vote (meaning the first bonus update will be the one with the most votes, the second with the second-most votes, and so on).


Choose your topics wisely. If you really want to see your favorite(s) chosen, focus on just one or two topics and dedicate all your votes to them.  Vote every single day.  Bug your friends to vote for you (and be kind enough to let them know about my story while you’re at it!) You have an entire month to fight for your topic(s) so give it your all!  Here’s the poll:

 THE ULTIMATE VOTE!! Choose the story topics you want to see as bonus updates on Eikasia! Top five will be chosen for writing. Vote ends July 18th.
  • When and how did Quincy get Tonatiuh, her sword?

  • The Three Trials of Hakeem–How he acquired his magic armor.

  • The love of a brother–Nyx's first time seeing war.

  • Elmiryn's first battle against the Ailuran Nation–and why Halward’s an asshole.

  • Earth, Wind, and Fire–The Tale of Nemesis' Chariot.

  • Revenge is Sweet–Nyx gets back at Leander with the help of her new friends.

  • Elmiryn's childhood–Training, itchy dresses, and first love.

  • Quincy and Hakeem’s first bounty–Kollin, the rogue alchemist–also an important lesson on the role of linguistic prescriptivism in magic, and the sudden danger of rabid gerbils.

  • Earth, Wind, and Fire–The Beginning of the Mighty Trio.

  • Quincy, Hakeem, and the Moretti Brothers–How they met, and what REALLY happened to Graziano’s horse.

  • Nyx’s childhood–Elves, lakes, and eating cake off the ceiling.

  • Lethia, Syria, and Argos–Visiting Lekeid, the elven city, and why enchantresses can’t dance…at all.

  • Elmiryn’s first time leading a charge as Captain–”Dragoons can do it better.”

  • How the wizards met Karolek, and why magic wands are worth crap.

  • Batrengs are bastards–How Lethia met Argos, and how the dog learned not to underestimate Albian wildlife.

  • The birds, the bees, and the dragons–How Graziano and Arduino try to explain to their youngest sibling the way of monsters and women…and how there’s little difference between the two.

  • The legend of Diokles, as Elmiryn was told by her mother.

  • Six short tales of Arachne, aka the Spider of the West–narrated in first person by the Eikasia cast (Quincy, Hakeem, Nyx, Elmiryn, Lethia, and Graziano) as they each heard it.

  • How Nyx was chased out of the northwestern part of the Sibesona–also why she’s afraid of dogs.

  • How Elmiryn escaped the Fiamman kingdom after being accused of black magic–”…Sir, why is there a tea cozy on your head?”

The poll ends on July 18th at Midnight (-8 GMT)