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Instant Message from I.M. #11

I have a quick break. I’m at work at the moment. Listening to Van Halen and trying to forget the stress I felt this morning. I have almost 40 hours this week. Yesterday was actually a stellar day, but today got off on the wrong foot when I woke up at 5 am and the person scheduled to work with me today no showed.

I’ve made some progress with my script for my school’s comic anthology. I wanted ask the editor if it was ok for me to share that here. It’s from my Imaginality project.

One of these days I’m going to find the energy and the mental will to focus on Eikasia AND Akumu Love Panic, I promise!

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Instant Message from I.M. #10

So for my international readers: the U.S. Presidential Election is done. Obama has won again, and I’m glad. Believe me. Romney was going to be the worst thing ever.

As some of you may remember, I work at a country club here in Georgia, and lemme tell you, the mood here for the Romney supporters is quite subdued. Now, I’m not gloating or anything, but there was one moment I found particularly amusing.

You see, I asked my supervisor what event we are working today, and he mumbled, “Some luncheon, fundraiser…thing.”

Poor guy.  You know its bad when the management is apathetic. XD

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Instant Message from I.M. #9

So let’s do an inventory on where I am so far, hmmm? I’m off my meds and happier for it, I’m back home in Georgia with my awesome husband, I’m really behind on updates for Eikasia and ALP!, aaaand I’m sick with a sinus infection.

Oh, did I mention I’m runner up for my school’s first annual comic anthology? I love how everything balances out. 😉

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