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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,300 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


E-Book Giveaway!

So you’ve (hopefully) heard that Eikasia’s first major novel, Tributaries, is making its way to the market. It’s open for pre-orders now at Smashwords for a limited time price of $2.99!


If you’re cheap, or somehow that tight on cash, there’s something else you can do…you can enter this new giveaway! Not only will it give you a chance to get the ebook free, but you’ll receive an advanced copy!

Starting October 1st (tomorrow) until the 17th I’ll be taking entries for 10 free copies of Tributaries!

The contest will be powered by Rafflecopter. Enter to win here:

Each winner will receive three e-book versions of the book for their convenience, but please do not share or distribute these files. Winners will be contacted 48 hours after the contest ends.

“You can’t do that! Stories have to be about White people”

Media Diversified

Young Writers of Colour

byDarren Chetty

I’ve spent almost two decades teaching in English primary schools, which serve multiracial, multicultural, multifaith communities. I want to explore two things I have noticed.

1)    Almost without exception, whenever children are asked to write a story in school, children of colour will write a story featuring white characters with ‘traditional’ English names who speak English as a first language.

2)    Teachers do not discuss this phenomenon.

Furthermore, simply pointing these two things out can lead to some angry responses in my experience.

Why are you making an issue of race when children are colourblind?”

is an example of the sort of question that sometimes gets asked.

Well let’s look at that. If children were writing stories where the race of characters was varied and random, there might be some merit in claiming that children are colourblind. However, even proponents of racial colourblindness…

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Dear son, don’t let Robin Thicke be a lesson to you

The Matt Walsh Blog

***Update, August 1: In response to the thousands of people who, after reading this entire post, decided to harp on one single phrase (“I’m no feminist”), I wrote this. If you want to know how I can say all the things I say here, yet still reject “feminism,” click the link and I’ll explain. Otherwise, carry on. Thanks for stopping by.

Our country dangles on the precipice of starting a third World War. We are on the verge of a completely unnecessary conflict where the United States will fight along side Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. This, in another day and age, might earn the crown as the Most Controversial Story of the Week. But we’re in the year 2013, and this is America, so a young pop star’s dance moves on an MTV awards show have predictably overshadowed the prospect of global chaos and bloodshed. I wrote…

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3 E-books, 1 Coupon

Hey hey everybody! So if you somehow haven’t caught wind yet, I’ve self-published 3 new e-books for Eikasia! Two of them, “Reflections” and “N is for Nyc” are free, the other, a newly revised “Tooth and Nail” is just 99 cents! But just this weekend, get “Tooth and Nail” for FREE until February 5th!

Click here to get your e-books!

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Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die Promo Anime [English Sub]

Hey guys. I wanted to share this anime short which served as a promo for the game Zero’s Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. I just finished it today, and I’m a little speechless. This game, like Heavy Rain, encompasses all the aspects of video game narrative that I want to explore and expand upon. The experience is very different from your typical adventure game, so if you’re looking for an incredible story, great challenging puzzles, and just something new, I suggest getting this game on PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS (I recommend the latter personally)

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Instant Message from I.M. #13

Ok seriously India, what the fuck? What’s with the rise in rape cases? Just this month a 23 year old student in Delhi gets gang raped for an hour ON A BUS, then thrown out of the moving vehicle. She recently passed away from her injuries.  I can’t even…like…wow. India you WERE a place I wanted to visit, but not so much anymore.

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Akumu Love Panic’s First Story Arc Complete!

Akumu Love Panic’s First Story Arc Complete!

With the belated completion of Chapter 8, ALP’s first story arc is now finished! Nearly 4000 words (or eight pages) worth of new material is available for your reading pleasure! Click the title link to check it out now!

If you haven’t read Akumu Love Panic!, then now is the time to start!

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Google Drive Experiment

Hey guys.

So I’ve been hankering to write lately, but alas, I have another 40 hour work week looming over me along with school. So! I started exploring options for live writing. If you’ve never heard of live writing, it’s basically just as it sounds. Someone sits at a keyboard and types something live online, and someone somewhere else reads as they do it! Now I doubt you all will be hurrying for a chance to watch my 60 words per minute crawl across the screen, but in case you’d like to see the NEWEST OF THE NEW appear online before it’s “done”…well now you can. I just opened up two folders for both Akumu Love Panic! and Eikasia on Google Drive. There, you should be able to read the latest material, even as I’m writing it!

Currently, I have some of the newest Eikasia material up for Chapter 35.1, and I’m also working my way through Akumu Love Panic’s first drafts before I write some new material. With luck, the latter should be a much better story, which I feel is necessary before I proceed with it.

For the links to the Google Drive folders, just click below:

Akumu Love Panic! Folder

Eikasia Folder

Comments are encouraged during the writing process, even if all you have to say is, “This is great!” I mean, you know, because…is it!? XD

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Instant Message from I.M. #4

Double shift, double dollar, double chores, double choler, double down, double dip, double struck is double hit…a week to trip, east to west. Cali’s fall is surely best.

Silly ditty I came up with about my double shift today and my trip to California next week. It’s only 11:45 and I’ve already learned what southern hospitality is. The tea is always sweet here for you. Wish I could always be sweet too.

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