Monthly Archives: November 2010

Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

So my Veteran’s Day weekend comes to a close! Alas…and I was enjoying it so much, as I’m sure my fellow Americans were. I regret not putting in a little more time to writing this weekend as it could’ve help with things alot, but I seem doomed to always sprint to my deadlines at the last stretch. Ah well.

I just wanted to voice a personal feeling of mine regarding the plot. You all may be of differing opinions, or maybe you’ll heartily agree. Either way, I wanted to say that I haven’t been too pleased with the way I’ve written things from the start of chapter 20. I feel that I dropped the ball on originality–what with my singing dwarves and shambling undead. The latter was actually a last minute idea I had, because I’d been intending on doing something else entirely. I don’t know if the discarded plan would’ve been any better. So far, I’ve only really been satisfied with Nyx’s side of the story, which had a much more focused direction and had a few baddies I was pretty stoked to pit her against.

So my opinion is that, in my attempts to keep the plot from getting unwieldy, I over-simplified. I’ll be getting out of this rut as fast as possible, you can bet your bottom, but for now the atrocious cliches will have to remain canon. When I re-do the story, hopefully I can replace Chapter 20 with something more befitting the precedent set by Chapter 19. Such is the nature of first writes–sometimes, you just come up with bad ideas. 😛