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New blog for story updates and what have you…

Hello all! I decided I’d start this little blog as a way to post any notes or concerns I have about Eikasia. Update schedule isn’t really set as I only mean to post here when I have something to say–like right now for instance.

The next installment for the story is bouncing around in my head and I’m toying with different approaches for it. If later this week I manage something, I’ll be posting a teaser paragraph or two before Friday. With any luck, Friday’s post may be accompanied by some artwork I drew–nothing extravagant. More like concept sketches or scene ideas that I attempted to recreate visually.


#6: I’m writing a web novel!

My Free Web Novel

My Free Web Novel

It’s a fantasy novel, of the sword and sorcery variety.  The focus is the growing relationship between the two main characters (both female.)  Though there is a plot and I’ve outlined the coming chapters, I’ve got to say that this is all just for good fun and a chance to perhaps experiment with the freedom of blogging my story.  The best way I can describe the overall feel to it would be:  Xena: Warrior Princess meets Lord of the Rings meets Seinfeld.  I’ll be posting up story artwork to spice things up and perhaps tossing in some related poetry as I see fit.  So if you want a laugh, some girl-on-girl lovin’, and some ass-kicking fantasy action just read my web novel:  Eikasia

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