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2012 Cometh

Hey all…so I wanted to apologize for the choppy updates this holiday season.  As I mentioned in my past blogs, alot was going on with me, personally and academically.  This week a family member died and I think my mind is just still trying to deal with that.  I wanted to do a new vote incentive, come up with an intermission story, maybe even work on that Tobias bonus update I’ve been sitting on…but I just couldn’t.  I think I may have to call another indefinite hiatus.  Just enough time to get my head on straight and back in the game.

Thank you all for understanding.  I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that all your dreams come true in the new year!


Eikasia Update – Dec 7, 2011

Another video blog for you all, detailing what’s going on with me and what my thoughts are on the story so far.  Plus, a personal appeal.

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