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Happy Halloween!

Elmiryn and Nyx, Witch and Cat

"Elmiryn, next year, I'M choosing the costumes."

Chapter 20.2 is up and available for your reading pleasure!  I hope you like this quick sketch I did.  I’ll work on it more later and color it.  For now I hope you enjoy Nyx pouting and Elmiryn’s sexy witch costume.

Some news:  I posted up a new video on Eikasia’s Youtube page.  It features me at a local writer’s mic, reading a portion of Chapter One.  If you can stand my babbling in the beginning, please fave, rate, and comment!

Just to note, as you guys can see (and as I tried to warn before) the pacing of the story has slowed down a bit.  I don’t have the time to bang out 10,000 word updates anymore, but know that I’ll always try my best to be on schedule, at least.  With the recent switch to Sundays, I find that it’s alot easier now.

Last note, and it is less pleasant for me, as recently I’ve been getting the sense that people have been mistaking the current state of the story to be my “best work” in terms of grammar and such.  This is in no way reflecting on only one person, as it seems with the influx of new readers, there have been some who have come with some misconceptions:

While I have the habit of making the same mistakes when in the heat of inspiration, I would like to politely remind everyone that I am posting first draft work, and as it is first draft, there are bound to be lots of mistakes.  I don’t have an editor.  I don’t even have a beta reader.  I find it unfair that I have been compared to fellow weblit writers who do NOT post first draft, who DO have beta readers, and who also have atleast a DECADE of experience over me.  I don’t mind you pointing out my typos and errors, and I reward every single bit of help I get.  I encourage you to point out whatever mess you find.  Even if I don’t get to it right away, maybe even take ages to, I save those notes.  It was reader comments that I used to edit Chapters 1-3.  But please do not insult my craft and say that I do not know anything about grammar.  I am giving this story free and all I ask in return is a bit of fair and polite feedback.  Keyword being fair. If you are a new reader and felt that somehow you were promised a polished and perfect piece of work, then I’m afraid you were mistaken.  I concede that perhaps I should state this on the New Readers page, and it will be done momentarily.

I will not apologize for all the love I have put into Eikasia, nor will I apologize for first draft work.  I am humble, and I know I can improve in many ways, but I am not a fool.  I know I can write a damn good story, and if that’s what you want, then you are at the right place!

That said, Happy Halloween!  Be safe everyone!


Eikasia to be at Pat Hanson’s Local Writer’s Open Mic!

The title says it all!

If you live in California and are in or near the Monterey Bay Area, then please come and check out the writer’s mic which I’ll be participating in on October 21st, this Thursday!  It’ll be at the Alternative Cafe at 1230 Fremont Boulevard Seaside, CA, 93955. It’s free admission, and it starts at 5:30 and ends at 7:00. If you show up, I’ll have candy and exclusive promotional stuff for you!

Below is the poster ad for the event. It was made late, but if you wanna help me, then please print this and post it around wherever you think people would be interested! Hope to see you guys there!


Branching out!

It’s okay to laugh. Really. 😛

You can blame this for me being behind on Eikasia this week. I think I have 1500 words for 19.5…? But I don’t have work or school tomorrow so I’m dedicating it to writing!!

BTW, check out the link page on Eikasia. I added new links!

Later everyone!