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Tributaries – Fantasy E-Book Trailer


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Full Synopsis: Nyx is a feline shape shifter, lost and alone, host to a fierce and ferocious being that lies deep inside her. She harbors a deadly secret and is running for her life when she is saved by Elmiryn, a cursed warrior on a quest for revenge. The pair quickly become unlikely allies and embark upon a perilous physical and mental journey that will put both their skills and sanity to the test. Ultimately, they form a unique and powerful bond through their shared trials and tribulations. Together they continue onward and follow a path that leads to new and remarkable discoveries of both the worlds around, and within them.

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Twitter: @cajeck

All music and images used under various Creative Commons licenses.

Music: “She Moved Through the Fair” by Sláinte –


“Enchantment” by Marina del Castell –
“Lungerersee in Alps” by Artur Staszewski –
“SummerHalloween Self-portrait” by Dr.Cialtron –
“Glory” by Snake3yes –
“Beautiful Natural Scenery” by Kashmir Pictures –
“Flaming Torches” by Dan Taylor –
“Xcaret Panther” by Robert McGoldrick –

“Tributaries” Cover Art by Kayla Mayer –

Video created by Illise Montoya.

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Continuing from my writing inspiration video, I talk about different tools and tactics you can put to use when brainstorming or organizing your story ideas.

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State of the Author – July 2nd 2013

Late in going up here, but an update on what’s new with me and the Eikasia project!

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Eikasia Update 9-8-12

My face gets out of frame toward the end, ha ha. XD

Crawling out from under my rock…

I’m sorry if I’ve seem to have vanished off the face of the Earth! In the above podcast, I tell of the things I’ve been dealing with and why it’s been hard getting my rhythm back. In the podcast, I mention a new logo I had commissioned by this excellent graphic artist named Eryck Webb. If you’d like to commission him for something, he does everything from logo designs, shirt designs, and I think even web design.  Here’s his DeviantArt page:

And above is the excellent logo he designed for me, which I hope to implement once Eikasia is back in full swing. I wanted the story’s return to be a sort of evolution.  That means finishing my edits from and placing them on the main website. Creating a new ad campaign to bring readers back to the story. And (if I can somehow pull this off) opening up a CafePress store with merchandise from commissioned artwork and the new logo.

Eikasia Podcast 1/24/12

New podcast out!  (I like calling them podcasts instead of vlogs.  I don’t know why I thought that the latter was a good idea.)  It’s a long one, but if you’re impatient, please skip toward the middle to see the incredible thing bozaki87 sent me this month! (I had to send it back to her, but I explain that too)  🙂

Check out Eikasia’s 4th edit (coming soon to the main site) on fluffyseme!

Eikasia Update – Dec 7, 2011

Another video blog for you all, detailing what’s going on with me and what my thoughts are on the story so far.  Plus, a personal appeal.

Ah, and it’s my birthday!  Do me a favor and give Eikasia a review/rating?  Donations are swell too!

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Eikasia Update – Oct 23, 2011

Here’s this week’s vlog:

To add to what I said in the video–

It was fully my intention upon writing 29.1 to have a much more physically intimate scene between Elmiryn and Nyx, but after starting 29.2, I realized that not only would that be implausible (because of Elmiryn’s immaterial state) but the timing was just plain bad.  I really didn’t think it felt natural, as much sexual magnetism as there was.  I thought it much more interesting to focus on Elmiryn’s growing inner turmoil over her changing state, and showing how her feelings towards Nyx have become increasingly complex as a result.  I’m going to try and get a head start on resuming the story.

The real problem with my story outline is that it only focuses on major plot points.  Sometimes, I have big spaces in between those where I assume I’ll have enough plot fodder to churn through before I hit onto the next major event.  This time around, I lacked the inspiration needed to forge ahead.  It won’t be the same this next week, I promise!

Eikasia Update – Oct 1, 2011

I posted this yesterday on YouTube as part of a new vlog series I’m trying to do.  I seem to have trouble finding the energy to type up blog posts, so I’m giving this a shot as I’m pretty content to run my mouth, even when exhausted.  There’s a few other videos on Eikasia’s YouTube page if you haven’t already checked it out.  From now on, I’ll be cross-posting vlog entries here, just to make them more available.

Gonna finish 28.3, then post.  Hopefully within the hour!