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The Bonus Update Showdown — THE SEQUEL

Sooo….I’ve been sitting on the last bonus update far too long.  FAR too long.  It’s clogged up the queue, and I honestly have no excuse for it.  The Tobias update, called “The Abaddonic” (which was voted on in the last poll, eons ago)  is not going to be abandoned, per se.  Just…set aside for now.  In the meantime…it’s time for a new bonus update SHOWDOWN!  What’s that? Well…

Way back when, I did a giant poll where readers could vote more than once on a topic.  I’m doing this again, only this time, you can potentially vote up to two times in a day (with 12 hours between each vote).  My advice?  Focus on one to two topics out of the list and stick to those.  The more you vote for something, the more likely it is to be chosen!  The top 7 winners will be the next bonus updates!  They will be written and posted in order of popularity, the most popular being the first.

Click here to see the poll.  Tell your friends, tell your family, and get the votes up!


<a href=”″>The Bonus Update Showdown – THE SEQUEL</a>


Eikasia Podcast 1/24/12

New podcast out!  (I like calling them podcasts instead of vlogs.  I don’t know why I thought that the latter was a good idea.)  It’s a long one, but if you’re impatient, please skip toward the middle to see the incredible thing bozaki87 sent me this month! (I had to send it back to her, but I explain that too)  🙂

Check out Eikasia’s 4th edit (coming soon to the main site) on fluffyseme!